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TUFF Exteriors provides a wide variety of colours designed to compliment your project perfectly. Check Our wide variety of Colours.

8000+ Series - Standard Colours
Bone White              C 8273
White White           QC 8317
Slate Blue         QC 8260
Medium Green        QC 8329
Tile Red                 QC 8259
Tan                       QC 8315
Regent Grey      QC 8730
Stone Grey            QC 8305
Black                     QC 8262
Charcoal                QC 8306
Coffee Brown     QC 8326
Dark Brown            QC 8229


Contemporary Colours
Cambridge White    
QC 8695
QC 8021
Antique Linen        
QC 8696
QC 8276
Heron Blue             
QC 8330
Royal Blue             
QC 8790
Pacific Turquoise    
C 8258
Melchers Green      
QC 8307
Dark Red                
QC 8250
Bright Red              
QC 8386
Metro Brown          
QC 8228
International Orange
C 8234


The 8000+() Series is a 2-coat system used in commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. It is designed to provide excellent durability at a cost effective price.

The 8000+() Series colours shown have been established as standard colours, determined by popularity and/or paint costs, and are each available at one base price. Contemporary colours or non-standard colours are priced individually.

Important note on colour matching:

Colour can vary between different paint batches and production runs on painting lines. Over extended time periods, the colour of originally installed panels will weather and therefore, vary from that of replacement panels or panels for new additions. To improve colour matching and to maintain effective records, we recommend that customers:

  1. Include project identification and location on each order.
  2. Order all of each colour for each project at one time.
  3. Cross-reference the previous order when repeats are necessary.

Additional colours may be developed for special orders, individually priced depending on the colour.

8000+() is a registered trademark of Baycoat Inc., Hamilton Ontario

Baycoat Inc.


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